• Your child is unique.

  • Your daughter has the ability to achieve more than she thinks.

  • Your son deserves the chance to reach his full potential.

Why primary school tuition works

Almost all teachers will agree that the most fulfilling aspect of our profession is when a pupil breaks through a learning barrier, instilling confidence in themselves to tackle all kinds of new challenges.

Every child has the potential to experience a breakthrough like this on a daily basis but, even in classes of a relatively small size, the opportunities are greatly diminished. Primary school teachers must spread their attention across a wide range of personalities, behaviours and learning needs. No matter the skills and strategies employed by the teacher, every single minute someone’s potential is not being tapped into.

From a teacher’s perspective this is also frustrating because we lose countless chances to experience the most fulfilling aspect of our job.

This is why I established Catapult Tuition. One-to-one tuition works. There are no distractions. An individual’s strengths and struggles are analysed. The tutor’s language is tailored to meet the needs of one specific and unique child. We will not allow time pressures or curricular demands to force us to move on too soon - we only progress to the next step when the knowledge, skills and understanding are confidently cemented into place.

Furthermore, tuition works because the parent and tutor establish a routine of regular feedback that far exceeds what is possible at a primary school.

For parents, the investment made in tuition is long-term but fruitful: their children’s futures have greater possibilities. For children, the investment of more time in ‘school-work’ pays off when they realise what they can achieve. With the right support, learning will become increasingly relevant, engaging and important to the chil

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