Times and duration

One-to-one sessions last for 50 minutes and are on weekdays. There are six consecutive slots, commencing at 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm,  5.30pm, 6.30pm and 7.30pm. More daily slots will be available during school holidays. 

*One-to-one slots are now available on Saturday afternoons, commencing at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.


The tuition is carried out at my home in East Belfast (BT4 area). My address will be provided in your confirmation email, or you may request it by contacting me in advance of booking. 

From a business perspective it may prove too difficult to arrange for tuition to be carried out at your home, as I will likely have a tuition session ten minutes before and/or after your session.

However, if you live in the BT4 area and my travelling to your home has no impact upon earlier or later sessions that have already been booked that day, it may be possible to arrange tuition at your home at no extra charge. Please contact me first before booking. 

If you live outside the BT4 area and are interested in using this service but are unable to come to my home, feel free to contact me to discuss possible arrangements. It may be that you know of other interested parents in your area who could avail of this service on the same day, thus making it possible for me to be on time for my other appointments. An extra charge, however, is likely. 

Children are less likely to be focussed when in their own home but I am aware that a range of exceptional circumstances do exist and am happy to accommodate for this as much as is possible. 


In general, one-to-one sessions will use the following format:

The parent will have informed me of specific or general areas of learning to be covered in advance. A learning goal is then agreed upon at the start of each session. The student and I investigate what they already know and build upon this with new information. We test this out in the most effective way (using online resources, using practical resources, carrying out pencil and paper activities - whatever works best), with the student constantly feeding back their thoughts to me.

I will have prepared several main activities before the session and will then select the most appropriate one, based upon my observations during the session. The student attempts this activity independently while I analyse their efforts, only stepping if I see that further guidance is necessary. 

We finally discuss how the session went, in light of the learning goal, and consider what needs done next. The student will have been given a QR code to share with the parent. This code can be scanned through the free Seesaw app, and will link to a video in which I discuss what was covered in the session, making suggestions about strategies and ideas for further practice. 


One-to-one weekday sessions cost £25. This covers not only the 50 minutes together with your child, but the resulting feedback shared by video.

how to book

This website uses Acuity Scheduling as its booking platform and Stripe for payment processing, so your bookings and (more importantly) your payments are in the most secure of hands. All major credit/debit cards can be used, as well as there being a Paypal facility. Click here to go to the bookings section of this website and follow the prompted questions.

You will be asked to select a time and date from the calendar, followed by further questions relating to the subjects you would like to be covered in the tuition classes. You can provide as much or as little detail as you like - feel free to let me know by email or text instead.

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