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Trevor Veale

Catapult Tuition


  • Eight years' teaching experience, including three years as a full-time P3 teacher in an International School in Madrid and over three years as a P6 teacher in County Down.

  • Experienced in delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum across all school years.

  • PGCE in Primary Education from the University of Cumbria, 2010.

  • BSSc in Political Science from Queen's University Belfast, 2000.

  • Extensively trained in the delivery of Systematic Synthetic Phonics.

Impacting the lives of children makes teaching more than just a job. It is a heavy responsibility and a huge privilege at the same time. It is the reason teachers work the extra hours marking, planning and preparing lessons (not just at evenings and weekends, but often during holidays). 

I have made it my daily goal to instil confidence in children by guiding them towards their next steps of discovery. Though this demands constant, diligent and conscientious effort on my part, every success makes it worth it. 

However, my own learning journey has led me to this conclusion: most children are unlikely to reach their highest potential in the classroom environment. This can be a source of frustration for teachers, pupils and parents alike. I strongly believe that the most effective way to realise this potential is through one-to-one or small group tuition. 

Having worked in education for eight years, I have learned much about both the education system and the pupils' experience of this system. As a P6 teacher, I saw that Transfer Tests in particular could place students (and parents) under a tremendous amount of pressure, both academically and psychologically. Children can feel overwhelmed. Difficulties in the application of numeracy and literacy skills are common, yet these challenges can be more easily overcome with one-to-one or small group tuition. When adult attention, understanding and support become more intensified, children can be instilled with the right amount of confidence and resilience. With the right guidance, problems are no longer seen as insurmountable but become a welcome challenge. Never once have I seen a child look bored at the moment they have understood something new or achieved something they thought they couldn't. 

As a result of this, tuition should not only be considered for those going through Transfer Tests. Catapult Tuition is for primary pupils of all ages.

Now that I am a full-time tutor, I not only invest in your child but recognise the importance of continuing to invest in my own professional development. One of my main concerns as a teacher was reading and spelling from P1. I am a strong believer in Systematic Synthetic Phonics: an aspect of primary education that has been sadly neglected or misunderstood by teaching professionals, but has produced significant reading and spelling improvements in those schools that have invested in its implementation. Having witnessed its effectiveness in improving the reading abilities of my P3 pupils in Spain, I personally invested in my professional development by completing Debbie Hepplewhite’s extensive online Phonics Training Course. As such, I welcome the opportunity to assist your child’s progress by using Phonics International resources - regardless of the age of your child.

I invest time in keeping well-informed of the best online resources. I subscribe to Teach Starter and TES, who make a wide range of effective Maths and Literacy resources, as well as the popular Twinkl website, who tailor resources to suit the Northern Ireland Curriculum. I also make regular use of the fantastic and free website Visnos, whose interactive Maths activities are visually engaging, highly detailed, and steer well clear of the online games that often reinforce very little. The Seesaw app will be a key feature of this tuition service,  providing me with the opportunity to present video feedback to parents and children after each session.

Finally, for optimal results, I recognise the importance of investing in the parent-tutor relationship. As has been my priority since entering the teaching profession, I make myself accountable to parents for the development of their child. The Testimonials page has been added to assure you of the commitment that I bring to satisfying parents; I will go to great lengths in order to improve your child’s academic prospects. Indeed, the creation of this website to advertise and implement my tuition services is an indication of how seriously I take this new venture.

With regards to Child Protection, Access NI documentation will be shared with parents before the first tutoring session begins.


Trevor Veale BSSc, PGCE

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