• Struggling to find a local tutor?

  • Schedule too tight?

  • Don’t feel it is necessary to commit to regular classes?

  • Child just needs one concept reinforced?

  • Videos can be watched, paused, rewatched when it suits you and your child


What is Catapult’s Video Tuition service?

We understand that personal circumstances and children’s needs vary from family to family. Many parents have work and family commitments that simply make it impossible to book regular tuition sessions. Many do not live close to a tutor who has a suitable time slot available. Many children are so shy that they feel they cannot fully express their thoughts and abilities when with a tutor. Then there is the understandable concern that a child can be overworked and lose any enjoyment for learning by being asked to do more work after another day at school (plus homework).

If any of the above issues are relevant to you, then Catapult may have a solution: video tuition.

Using the free Seesaw Family app, 30-minute videos can be sent straight to your phone, tablet or computer to be watched at your child’s convenience. You can request videos as often or as infrequently as you like. By simply filling in the information boxes on the booking form, you can inform Trevor of the areas of learning in Literacy or Maths that you would like covered. Furthermore, you can contact Trevor directly to provide further details of your child’s specific needs.

Trevor will then make a personalised 30-minute video tailored to your request. It will be available for viewing within two days of purchase. You can watch this video with your child at a time that suits you, pause to take in and discuss the new information, and have it permanently stored in your Seesaw Family account for future reference. Trevor will also respond to any further questions that you or your child may have.

The videos will be direct teaching videos. Your child will not be expected to complete work, though you may request that relevant work be passed on. The video service is primarily designed for your child to learn new information in as relaxed a manner as possible.

Whether you require specific tuition for Transfer Tests or general Literacy / Maths teaching for primary pupils, you will find this video service to be extremely helpful.

As with one-to-one and group tuition, there are also package deal offers.

PLEASE NOTE: as Catapult Tuition uses a calendar-based booking system, you will be asked to select a time slot. Simply select the earliest slot you find. This will let Trevor know that a video needs to be made within two days of your booking time.